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Sea Cruises
Sea Cruises
Sea Cruises
Sea Cruises
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Sea Cruises
On board the cruise ship tours, visitors can discover the Natural Reserves of Scandola, the Gulf of Girolata, the Calanches of Piana, the 'sea lion' Cavern of Capo Rosso and the Sanguinaires Islands. With its 1600ÿhectares of land and sea, the Natural Reserve of Scandola can only be reached by boat. This exceptional site which is home for flora and fauna is so rare that it has been placed on UNESCO's World heritage List in 1983.
One-day Cruise: departing at 9h15 with stop in Girolata
guided tour of the Natural Reserve of Scandola
arrival at Scandola around 11h30 for a two hours free lunch (several restaurants on site)
returning to Calvi at around 15h00.

Guided tour of the Natural Reserve of Scandola
Gulf of Girolata before returning to Calvi, arrival scheduled for 17h15.

Offers and reservations can be made at the hotel reception.l
Excursions are subject to weather conditions.
Any proposed leisure and nautical sports activities are the sole responsiblity of the respective cruise organisers without incurring any liability of the hotel.
Sea Cruises
Sea Cruises